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Moose Ridge Coffee Co. was founded in the summer of 2021. Being a native Idahoan has led to a lifetime passion for the local wildlife, national parks, and the adventures they bring. Because of this passion, the founders are now looking to inspire others by bringing together adventure, coffee, and nature! While looking for a change of life pace and careers, the founders looked for inspiration from the majesty of local national parks, as well as the winding Snake River, and the mysterious and elusive moose. This passion for nature and the outdoors, paired with our love and passion for great coffee inspired us to begin our journey of craft coffee in Idaho Falls. Now located in Snake River Landing, Moose Ridge Coffee Co. was founded with the vision to bring ethically-sourced craft coffee, and a love for nature to the Idaho Falls community, and to the region.

At Moose Ridge Coffee Co., we strive to share our passion for coffee and our inspiration by nature with our customers as we share the highest quality craft coffee drinks and an elevated food menu. Our commitment to the craft of coffee drives us to make many of our menu items fresh in house, to source ingredients, equipment, and merchandise locally whenever possible, and to offer rotating seasonal menus.

At Moose Ridge Coffee Co., our love for nature inspires us to serve only the best coffee. Our menu is simple, yet elevated because we believe in quality over quantity. We promise to go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and inspire you for your next adventure.



When giving careful attention and taking pride in one’s craft, and when coffee is brewed thoughtfully, this drink is as mysterious as it is complex. At Moose Ridge Coffee Co. we strive to craft every drink with care in order to bring out its best flavor. We are also dedicated to pairing our many offerings with ingredients that are natural and of the highest quality. Our syrups are made fresh in house with the finest ingredients from around the world. Our breakfast and lunch items are prepared to order and our cakes, cookies, and pastries are made fresh daily. Our coffee is ethically and sustainably farm sourced, with the roasters maintaining a direct relationship with farmers. This ensures that the source of the beans is not only of the highest quality, but also ensures the best possible treatment of coffee farmers and farm workers. It is truly this appreciation for every step of the craft of coffee that sets Moose Ridge Coffee Co. apart. In addition to excellent coffee, all of our teas are organic, sustainable, and created with the appreciation of ancient artisan tea traditions
from all over the world.



As we strive to cherish and take care of the environment around us, we are pleased to share that all of our to-go packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Further, at Moose Ridge. Coffee Co., we are committed to being thoughtful about all of our trash disposal. We will be recycling all plastic, paper, cardboard, and aluminum used in the cafe. We also have the ability to do in house composting to further minimize waste.

As we strive to be closer to nature, we have thought through every aspect regarding sustainability, including sourcing, serving, and disposal.